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The Impact of Money and Debt on Relationships


When you research why couples divorce
you will find that the inability to solve money problems
is usually at the top three reasons.

Dr. Peter Robbins, Ph.D.


You just discovered a whole new way to:

  1. pay your bills

  2. manage your cash

  3. get out of debt

  4. end the arguing about money

  5. stop wondering where all your money went!


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For over 30 years I've worked with thousands of struggling couples. Along the way, I have discovered the keys to a successful loving relationship.

A coach's job is to provide wise counsel to his players. The success of the game relies on his players implementing the strategy. The player must do the right thing to improve and win the game; counseling is a lot like that.

I've coached thousands of  couples to successfully improve their communication, conflict resolution skills, parenting efforts, and help manage their anger. But, like in sports, the "players" have to do the work. I counsel, encourage, support, exhort, and nudge, but I can't do it for them. More than once I hoped, "I wish I could just do it for them," but I can't.

The same was true when it came to addressing poor money management. Couples would disagree and fight about how to manage their money, sometimes neither one had the skills. Then there are couples where one had the skill and the other did not. Will the money manager in the marriage be fair? Will the non-money-manager be made aware of what was going on? At times I'd run into "financial infidelity." That's where misuse, skimming, and irresponsible spending would occur. The result of broken trust is a broken relationship.

When working with couples to improve their money management skills, I would encourage them to create and use a budget. I would urge them to live within their means. I would plead for them to "play fair" with how they managed their money. Then I would wait... and hope that they would implement my suggestions. While an initial effort would be made, follow through was always the biggest challenge, mustering up the discipline was so difficult. Again, after years of counseling couples with their money issues, I would think, "I wish I could do it for them." And then it finally hit me...I CAN do it for them. In fact, I learned that is exactly what the rich and famous do all the time. They let someone else pay their bills and manage their cash...but at a high price.

I wondered why this bill pay service wasn't available to the average individual, marriage, or family. Was I missing something? Maybe it wasn't practical or financially feasible to provide such a service. After six years of providing such a service, I discovered I was wrong. Not only is it feasible and practical, it was indispensable; especially to the couples who couldn't agree, or neither had the skills or desire, or who just wondered where all their money was going.

Wouldn't it be nice if I went to the gym and YOU got fit? How about if I go on a diet and you lose the weight? Better still, what if I parent your kids and you benefit from great kids? NOT possible. You must do these yourself. BUT, what I can do is manage your cash, pay your bills, reduce your debt, and you become financially secure and experience financial peace. Wow, what a concept!

Over forty years ago no one but the rich and famous had a gardener. Well, actually my parents did have one. It was me. No average family had gardeners. It wasn't even in anyone's mind (except the rich and famous). And back then, it would be weird to have some guy lurking around your house when you weren't home. What might happen? Today, many if not most folks have gardeners.

Look at Debt Free Christian (a DBA of Turning Point Stewardship) as your financial gardener. What we do for you is not rocket science. It's pretty simple actually. BUT, it needs to be done consistently, accurately, and with full transparency. That's what we do.

It's time to embrace the modern age of paying your bills and managing your cash. Take advantage of what the rich and famous have known for over 200 years. Now this concept has become a reality and affordable to you. Take the next step and contact us to find out how your financial life can improve.

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