Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six,
result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure
twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.
— Charles Dickens, David Copperfield, 1849

Dr. Peter Robbins - Cash Manager, Financial Advisor

Dr. Robbins has spent his life assisting others with their marriages, families, businesses, and finances. Over the past thirty years he has founded and runs two non-profit organizations, started and owns two for-profit businesses, and owned a manufacturing company for nine years. Dr. Robbins is a pioneer and an innovator.

His unique blend of understanding people, relationships, business, and finances make him the "go to guy" for families and finances. He goes to where few therapists or financial advisors dare to tread: The intersection of Love & Money.

Having embraced the teachings and instructions of courses like Crown Financial Ministries and Dave Ramsey's University of Financial Peace, Dr. Robbins has created a groundbreaking solution for the frustrations of such ministries: implementation. While most attendees of such fine programs as Crown and Dave Ramsey struggle with doing what is taught...consistently, accurately, Dr. Robbins' program...does the work for you.

He sees this new program as ministry to the Church as well. Most know first-hand that Churches struggle financially. Many pastors have to have a side job to care for their families. Often the pastor's spouse works as well. Churches struggle because the families in the pews struggle. Most church attenders believe in tithing...they want to tithe. But life including financial challenges get in the way. When Turning Point Stewardship comes alongside its members their financial situation is stabilized and then grown (The prayer of Jabez). Along with this stabilization and growth is the member's commitment to charitable giving and tithing. TPS ensures their desire to tithe is accomplished. Turning Point Stewardship members are givers.

Finally, Dr. Robbins is a family man. He says that his best credentials are not hanging on his wall, but they're his 33+ year marriage to his wife, four adult children, and his grandchildren. He enjoys riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycles (see his ride to the Grand Canyon in the video section), golfing, snow skiing, sailing, playing with his grandchildren and Australian Shepherd, Sydney, eating Nutella (yes, he's a doomed chocoholic), and traveling with his wife.

Dr. Kevin Downing - Public Relations and Outreach


Dr. Kevin Downing – His entire professional career has been dedicated to helping families operate at their very best. Finances are a crucial part of making families and individuals succeed at their dreams. Dr. Downing has spent many years in developing and establishing organizations that help people with their money challenges. He has helped birth TPS and he believes that it is the most helpful and innovative service offered today.  He says "TPS takes just about every great thing you’ve been taught about money - and makes it a reality. The transformation is slow, steady and powerful. Best of all it eliminates so many of the family escalations and resentments that revolve around money. Finally, if you stay consistent on the program you will have a strong financial future – yes, I’m talking retirement, college funds for your kids or any other goal you may have.”

Dr. Downing has a favorite family – his own. He enjoys his wonderful wife Deborah of 29 years. He is a professed Dad-aholic and admits that being a Dad to his two children (28 and 26 years old) is still a delight.
Dr. Downing has owned or directed several organizations. In 1983 with Dr. Robbins they founded Turning Point Counseling.  The Stewardship program (TPS) is an outgrowth of many things that they learned about helping families the last several decades.

Chong Yang - Administrative Assistant

Chong brings a vast history of working with those struggling with credit card debt. She has been an assistant bookkeeper for over 6 years and has excellent administrative skills and her attention to detail is exceptional. Chong brings a much needed blend to her service to TPS with her keen understanding of computers, internet  technology, and online banking. She has a heart for ministry and serves her church in many capacities. TPS is blessed to have Chong on its team.

Chong enjoys cooking, interior design, and serving at her local church.

Jose Manaloto - Company Controller

Mr. Manaloto is the company controller for Turning Point Stewardship. He is a certified management accountant in the   Philippines and has assisted over 100 small business with their bookkeeping, finances, and tax preparation needs acting as their COO, Executive Director, and VP of Administration's Director. He was the executive director of a mid-sized bank with 33 branches for four years and was head operations inspector for Citi Bank for three years. Jose enjoys working on classic cars and spending time with his wife of 30+ years.