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ACCU's Mission

"To Reach, Serve & Teach"

America's Christian Credit Union was founded on a basic principle, which still brightly shines through all we do today. We are here "To Reach, Serve and Teach."

By learning more about America's Christian Credit Union, you'll see that it shares the same heartfelt vision of its members, following Scripture-based principles for wise stewardship and prudent money management.

The mission we have adopted takes precedence in every product and service we offer. It is first and foremost in our development process. When considering any new products and services we question how it will help us to live out our mission. How will it allow us to reach the lost or those in need? Will this development help us to serve our members or our community? Will this allow us to teach about good stewardship?

Our mission may be short and simple, but it packs power. Since 1958, the credit union and our mission statement have stood the test of time. Because a mission "To Reach, Serve, and Teach" is timeless, we are confident that God will grant us the provision to keep growing, keep reaching, keep serving, and keep teaching.

With such a mission close at heart, and our members right there alongside, America's Christian CU strives to make a difference in each member's life, one member at a time.