Those wondering where all their money went

You're blessed. You make more than enough money. But, at the end of the year you're asking yourself, "Where did it all go?" One of the curses of having enough is not doing enough. Planning your spending, saying no to impulse spending, plugging up the holes where money drains out, these are often overlooked. 

Also, having more than enough increases your appetite for more stuff, more things to do. "Why not? We have enough." When you have plenty of income it's hard to say "No." yourself, to others. Without limits, without tracking your spending you lose the opportunity to advance your future, establish your retirement. Turning Point Stewardship protects what you earn, plans your spending, and helps you achieve your financial goals.

Couples not agreeing on money management

Many studies* found that finances are the number one reason for divorces in the United States, and also one of the main reasons married people fight. You know it in your gut, and you’ve seen it in the splintered marriages around you. Finance-related tensions — however you define them — raise the risk of divorce. (Researchers at Kansas State University surveyed 4,500 couples as party of the study.)

Who will decide what you'll spend your money on? Who has the power over money? It's been said that without a budget, whoever has the checkbook or credit card is in control. Some couple try to outspend each other in an effort to gain back control, teach a lesson, or simply make themselves feel better. In the end everyone loses.

It has been our experience that then TPS steps in to assist, these issues begin to fade. Order and fairness are restored as a financial stability is established and progress toward financial goals realized. Couples stop fighting and refocus on improving their earning power and enjoying each other again. (Past Results of our clients do not guarantee same or similar result for new and future clients.)

Couples who don't like the chore of bill paying

"I'm tired of paying the bills, you do it." "I'm not good at it." "I can't keep track of it all." "Numbers confuse me." "I don't know where to begin." These are just some of the common statements made in marriages where neither want to handle the chore of managing the family bills. The result is that this chore is passed back and forth like a hot potato while more negative results are experienced: late fees, penalties, past due statements, and harassing calls from creditors.

The fix is easy, let someone else do it. Until now, that solution was only available to the rich and famous. Accountants are expensive. Turning Point Stewardship has made this solution affordable and therefor available to most families. Good stewardship doesn't mean you have to do it. Good stewardship mean that you make sure it gets delegation.

The Single Moms and Dads

Being a single mother or father is never easy. Raising a family alone requires that you perform the roles of two people, the father and the mother. You will not have the luxury of sharing many of the jobs that two parents have, but nevertheless, you will need to address the concerns of these jobs: provider, disciplinarian, comforter, guidance counselor and money management just to mention a few. 

At the end of the day, the last thing a single mom or dad wants to do is open the bills, much less pay them. This chore of paying bills and staying on top of every-so-often bills gets lost in the shuffle of life...with dire consequences. Turning Point Stewardship comes alongside single mothers and fathers and makes sure their financial world is in order, executed, and monitored.

Those caring for aging parents

We want to honor our parents and help them wherever possible. When it comes to helping them with their finances, it can become awkward and sometimes embarrassing...for them...and for us.

It becomes more challenging for aging parents to stay on top of their finances. They want to remain independent and not rely on their children. Until now, there's not really been a viable option. Bookkeepers and accountants are too expensive. Turning Point Stewardship, with its innovative service, can provide a special pricing structure for the elderly that makes it affordable, and comfortable for all concerned.

College Students and Young Families

Young families have a lot going on. Building a family and careers are top priority. Both parent can get overloaded and exhausted with little left to tackle the monthly chore of paying bills.

Turning Point Stewardship can relieve a growing family of this important responsibility and free them up to focus even more on building a healthy family and successful careers...knowing the finances are being cared for.

Those challenged physically, emotionally, or relationally

Depression and anxiety can be crippling... for both partners. Just getting through another day can be challenging. Often there is additional cost for recovery. Many things don't get done. Things fall through the cracks. When family finances get overlook, this only adds to the depression or anxiety.

Turning Point Stewardship offers tremendous relief and hope to those who need someone to come alongside and provide some stability.

The Traveling Sales Person

At first it seems interesting and challenging: 
To be a traveling salesperson voyaging from customer to customer visiting many cities in a state, country, or even the world. It seems the journey opportunity of your life. The chance of your life-time to see and meet many different people and cultures. Seems like holiday forever all paid by the company.

However the reality is:
You're not with your family. They miss you and you miss them. While you're away, your spouse is handling all the responsibilities alone. When you do arrive home, the last thing you want to do is face the piles of bills...waiting to be paid. With the precious time you have, you want to spend it with your family. If you do and ignore your money management chore you know you'll pay a price.  With Turning Point Stewardship, you not only have this necessary and important chore covered, you get time spend with those you love knowing your finances are being handled.

Those on Military Deployment

Among the many challenges of military deployment, financial stress is one of the most difficult. It's much like being a single parent trying to figure out how to keep all the plates spinning. Having to stop and focus on paying the bills is tough. In addition to finding the time to pay the bills and stay on top of the ever moving target of finances, does the spouse have the skill to "manage the numbers?" Then when she or he returns from deployment is there a "changing of the guard" when it comes to money management. Different priorities and money management styles often conflict. That's where having a service like TPS can be a huge relief: consistent management of the families funds. - for California residents only.