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We Pay Your Bills and Manage Your Finances

We do the work for you.

Get in control and know where your money is going
Get free from the chore of paying monthly bills
Stop arguing about money

In this short video, Dr. Peter Robbins explains exactly what our Bill Pay Service includes, such as creating a budget, saving for non-monthly expenses, and creating a plan to get you out of debt. The video looks at how credit card factor into the mix of your finances and how financial seminars often don't solve the problem.

Dr. Peter Robbins explains exactly how our Bill and Cash Management Program works. It shows the process of enrollment, what you need to bring to your enrollment meeting, how we set up your bank accounts, and how we create your Cash Management Plan which will tell you where your money is going.


  • Bills paid on time
  • Money for vacations and Christmas
  • Being prepared for property taxes, auto & home insurance
  • Money for emergencies
  • Knowing where you money is going
  • Financial peace of mind

No More...

  • Late fees or finance charges
  • Missing or Unopened bills
  • Credit card debt
  • Harassing phone calls from creditors
  • Arguments about money
  • Wondering where all your money went
  • Unreached financial goals
Vision without execution is delusion.
— Peter Drucker

We do the work for you!

  • Pay your monthly & periodic bills
  • Establish a Gift Planner (Christmas, birthdays, and other holidays)
  • Vehicle tracking (DMV, insurance, maintenance)
  • Monthly charity
  • $2000 Emergency Fund
  • Monitor your Cash Management Plan (CMP)
  • Insurance policy review
  • Vacations paid for before you go
  • Quarterly reports
  • Mortgage review
  • Tax preparation (for an additional fee)
  • Consultation on important financial decisions

Your very own Financial Concierge
All this for a low monthly fee

For many of our clients, our fee is recovered by eliminating NSF charges,
finance charges, and mis-spent monies.
no long-term contract - no obligation - month to month - easy in, easy out

Do you qualify?

Must live in California

Must have a  positive cash flow (spend less than you make)

If you have flexible income, your base must cover your monthly  expenses

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We'll do the work for you.