Get Your Budget Under Control With A Budget Coaching Class In California

Car insurance, property taxes, rent, utility bills, cell phone and auto insurance expenses, you are likely to have more monthly bills than you care to think about, but regardless, you need to make sure they get paid.

Whatever you’re earning, and even if you’ve cultivated a saving habit, expenses have a way of creeping in and distorting your budget choices. A survey from BlackRock states that 48% view high cost of living as a major deterrent to their financial future which consequently ranks them behind the mortgage as a roadblock to their retirement savings.


The bottom-line here is that by creating a simple yet comprehensive budget you can make better choices of where and when to spend your money. With our proprietary Cash Management Plan you’ll know exactly where you stand with your money each and every month. No more surprises. No more arguments.

Benefits of Cash Management Plan

  • Creating a positive cash flow
  • Knowing exactly where your money is going each and every month
  • No more “financial infidelity”
  • Restoring fairness in your relationship regarding your finances
  • No more financial surprises
  • No more late fees
  • Having a solid plan to eliminate your debt
  • Reaching your financial goals

Hence, attending budget coaching class in California and Fullerton will help you create a personalized cash management plan which in turn will help you take control of all your monetary expenses. And finally really be in control of your finances.

A Financial Assistant Can Help You Solve Your Financial Issues Easily

If you, as a couple, happen to manage your money issues, it’s quite an undertaking. More often than not, couples struggle keeping track of where their money is going and eventually, end up making a fuss about it. And when you are extremely distressed about money, you just can’t stop pondering over it time and again which makes it even harder for you to suppress your frustration and anger. In some cases, the fights related to household finances lead to the downfall of the relationships. Mind you, the financial issues can’t be quantified as a small problem because they do take a toll on your lives, especially when it’s the two of you tackling them.

Sometimes, sitting with your partner and exchanging the viewpoints are of no help because you seem to have gone too far with the everyday monetary fights. This is the main reason why the successful couples opt for financial assistance. Having a financial advisor by your side, can help solve your money problems, manage your utility bills, cash, and teach you to design the right budget for your family.

The financial assessment sessions in California offered by Turning Point Stewardship makes you discover a whole new way to manage your money. Here, the psychologist becomes your financial advisor to counsel you and develop the right money management skills in you just so you are able to experience financial peace.

Should you be going through a lot, enrol with us today!

Don’t Let Money And Debt Ruin Your Relationship

During his time, John D. Rockefeller was one of the richest men in the world. For all practical purposes, his money was virtually limitless. Once an interviewer asked him, “How much money is enough?” Rockefeller replied, “Just a little bit more!”

As bizarre as it sounds, haven’t we all been there? Whatever is our income level, we think to ourselves, if only I had a just a little bit more then, at least, our budget would have some breathing room and we will be satisfied with our finances.

But, unfortunately, the truth is control over money has less to do with how much we make, and a lot more with how we manage what we have. Financial health is important not only to our bank balance but also to the atmosphere in our home. More marriages have fallen apart over financial issues than almost any other factor.



Money is one of the most profound conflicts for people in relationships to resolve. There is little instruction on how to manage our finances with a spouse or partner. And if you do it wrong, it can mess everything up. So, why seek out someone who can pay your bills and manage your cash?

Turning Point Stewardship and its representatives are properly licensed to do just that. We are sure that by joining our program you can become debt free and know where your money is going while ending the endless arguments about money!

Have Enough For The Present, Save Enough For The Future With Budget Coaching

Do you earn enough to provide for the needs of everyone in the family and still find your funds running short as the month approaches its end? Well, this is the problem with most of us. We all make enough money, but our management of what we earn leaves a lot to be desired. And it is only when we find ourselves in a crisis, of a financial nature of course, do we realize the importance of budgeting. Have you ever thought about what you can do to avoid a similar situation in your life again? Budget coaching could be the answer.


A coach who is an expert in financial stewardship and has seen it all, done it all, coached it all is the person to look for when it comes to effective money management. Does he have any experience in helping people out of such situations? A positive answer to this question would take you to the right door. A coach who knows the modern lifestyle and how people spend money, sometimes unnecessarily, would understand your needs - expenses, savings, and getting out of debt. A plan that specifically marks your expenditures and the opportunities of savings will be designed taking your valuable inputs. However, the plan would work as long as you are willing to make it work. If you want to make sure that you have enough money to spend on your present needs and enough savings for future, there is no way you will divert from the plan.

So go ahead and get help from budget coaching to enjoy your present as well as future.

Know The Best Ways To Manage Money In California And Become Debt Free

The fact that most of us are deprived of any initial financial education at young age affects our adult life badly when we have to shoulder major financial responsibilities all at once. As a result, there comes a time when our financial system seems to fall apart and we feel utterly helpless. Due to poor money management, sometimes we also come under the burden of multiple debts and have to go through a hard time getting rid of them. However, it’s still not too late as you can shake hands with us for an efficient and optimal management of your financial system.


We at Turning Point Stewardship offer versatile management programs that help you in setting an equilibrium between your income and expenditure. We devise custom plans to come up with best ways to manage money in California. You can also approach us for consultation when you are struggling with debts and cannot find a way out. We will set a definite time period to help you pay off all your debts and also liaise with your lenders to negotiate on the interest rates if the need be. Go through our bill and cash management programs that we offer in California on our interactive website and feel free to inquire about our services.