Don’t Let Money And Debt Ruin Your Relationship

During his time, John D. Rockefeller was one of the richest men in the world. For all practical purposes, his money was virtually limitless. Once an interviewer asked him, “How much money is enough?” Rockefeller replied, “Just a little bit more!”

As bizarre as it sounds, haven’t we all been there? Whatever is our income level, we think to ourselves, if only I had a just a little bit more then, at least, our budget would have some breathing room and we will be satisfied with our finances.

But, unfortunately, the truth is control over money has less to do with how much we make, and a lot more with how we manage what we have. Financial health is important not only to our bank balance but also to the atmosphere in our home. More marriages have fallen apart over financial issues than almost any other factor.



Money is one of the most profound conflicts for people in relationships to resolve. There is little instruction on how to manage our finances with a spouse or partner. And if you do it wrong, it can mess everything up. So, why seek out someone who can pay your bills and manage your cash?

Turning Point Stewardship and its representatives are properly licensed to do just that. We are sure that by joining our program you can become debt free and know where your money is going while ending the endless arguments about money!