Debt can be overwhelming and even crippling.
It can and often destroys marriages and families.
We go after your debt with a vengeance.

There are services such a Consumer Credit Counselors which assist with getting you out of debt. They have contracted with the various credit card issuing banks with pre-established interest rates. These new rates can be lower than your existing rate. These services must report that you are on a Debt Management Program to the various credit Bureaus. This can and often harms your credit rating and make it difficult to obtain additional credit in the future. Debt Management programs are also limited to the kinds of debt they can assist with. They can not assist with any kind of secured debt. They can not negotiate interest rates with student loans and collections agencies.

We do it differently. We do not report nor are we obligated to report to various credit Bureaus. As your financial advisor we operate under different jurisdictions and thus are not required to report your efforts to eliminate your debt.

We are also not limited to the kinds of debt we can assist you with.

We will meet with you and ascertain your various debt oblications.

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