Since what we do is so unique (What? You'll create a budget for me, pay my bills, get me out of debt, and save for the future?!) we often get many questions about our program. Below you'll find the most common questions and answers:


Q1: I've never heard of such a service. Is this something new?

Having someone pay your bills and manage cash is not a new concept or service. The rich and famous have been using this type of service for over 200 years (It's their little secret). They use agents, CPAs, and Home Offices. The reason the average person hasn't heard of it is because it's too expensive for the average person ($700 - $5000+ per month) to afford. While the concept isn't new, the fact that the average person can finally benefit from this service is. Why now? Because we have found a way to make this little secret very affordable using cutting edge technologies.

Q2: Why should I use your services?

Did you know you’re a delegator? Yes, that’s right. You delegate many things for many reasons. Who mows your lawn? Who cuts your hair? Who washes your car? Who fixes your plumbing? Repairs your vehicles? What about your broken bones? Who helps you with debilitating emotions or relationships? How about your taxes? Who do you go to for your mortgage needs? This list can get very long. It’s been said, “If it weren't for problems, we’d all be out of work.” Do people delegate to you? I bet they do.

So why should you consider delegating your bill paying chore to someone else? There are many reasons:

  1. You have better things to do with your time
  2. You want to quit the conflict over money
  3. You want to know exactly where your money is going
  4. You don't have the time or energy to do it yourself
  5. You don't have the "head" for doing this kind of stuff
  6. You want to finally start saving
  7. You want a specific and reliable plan to get out of debt...for good
  8. You want to achieve your financial goals

Q3: Is your bill paying and cash management service safe?

Our service is as safe as any of the online banking services available today. We utilize two types software programs regarding your information. The first is our in-house proprietary program that is and stays in-house. We do not store your information in the cloud. All data is kept on our in-house servers which is kept safe. The second program we utilize is America's Christian Credit Union's bill pay program. This program meets or exceed the requirements for online banking safety. You can learn more about ACCU's privacy policy here. In short, TPS uses the latest technology in network security to protect any locally stored data and our partners follow the banking industry standards for security and data protection.

Be sure to read this for more information: Afraid to Try an Online Bank? You Need to Read This by Casey Bond at the Huffington Post.

Q4: I don't feel comfortable giving over control of my finances to someone else. Will I be forced to manage my money the way you say?

First, most folks consider our service because they don't feel in control of their finances. They struggle with answering questions like: Do you have a positive cash flow?  If so, how much of a positive cash flow? Do you know exactly where your money is going? Are you and your spouse on the same page as to how to spend your money? Do you have an emergency fund? Do you have a specific plan to get out of debt and stay out? Are you encurring late fees? Do you have any savings plans? How about retirement? Do you have a plan? Are you making steady progress toward your goals? Do you have a budget that you're working from each and every month? So, are you in control of your money now? You will be when you become a member of our services.

Second, our member tell us they've never felt more in control of their finances since enrolling in our program. Our members know exactly where their money is going each and every month. They've stopped fighting over money. They have a Get-Out-Of-Debt-Plan (Good-Plan) to get out and stay out of debt. They have an emergency fund. The every-so-often bills are no longer surprises. They've saved up to pay them. Late fees have stopped. Out member tell us that they finally have financial peace.

What we do is much like a company controller does for their boss. The boss is always in control and the controller is the one who executes the plan according to the boss' wishes. With TPS, you're the boss. We help you create a financial spending plan (budget) and then help you stick to it. You'll be more in control of your finances than ever before.

Q5: Will you use our bank accounts? How does this work?

We will open up new two to three new bank accounts at America's Christian Credit Union in your name (there will no commingling of funds). One account will be a Bill Pay Account where we will pay your bills. There will one additional (two if you are a couple) account set up, your Spend Account which you will use to make on-site purchases such as gasoline, food, hairstylist, etc.

Q6: What does your service cost?

To enroll in our program there will be an initial meeting to create your budget and gather all your information (bills, basic info, etc.). This meeting can take up to three hours to complete. This can be accomplished face-to-face at our offices in Fullerton, CA or during a Skype like call (you'll need to be at a computer to do this). After our meeting there will be 4-8 more hours to set up your new bank accounts and set up all your vendors. The fee for this enrollment meeting is a one-time fee of $200.

Once the enrollment meeting has been conducted, there will be approximately three to four weeks to set everything up. Once everything is in place then a monthly membership begins which can be as low as $75 per month. In addition, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee (not including the setup fee).

Q7: Do I have to sign up for a period time?

No, our services are month-to-month and there are no penalties to terminate your membership. We do require a 30 day termination notification. This allows us to adequate time to make a careful hand-off of all your bills back to you. 

Q8: We make plenty of money. Who is your program best suited for?

Our program is not based on how much money you make or if you're struggling with making ends meet. Our program is for those:

  • Who wonder where all their money is going
  • Couples who do not agree on money management
  • Where neither spouse has the skill-set or likes the chore of paying bill and managing the cash
  • Single parents who are too busy with kids, work, and household chores
  • Have to care for elderly parents and don't want the responsibility to manage their parent's finances
  • Who are challenged physically, emotionally, or relationally and can't stay on top of their bills
  • Who travel for a living
  • Who are on military deployment and their families

Q9: We are self-employed and/or have fluctuating income. How can you help us with this?

Many folks who are self-employed, own their own businesses, or have unpredictable income are heavily challenged with making ends meet. Expenses, often, do not fluctuate. The unfortunate result is the unending falling behind/catching up nightmare...that never ends. Turning Point Stewardship has a solution for this...and it may be a little first. but a huge relief at the end.

Our solution is our proprietary Cash Management Plan. Here we plan your budget on a conservative estimate of your monthly income bases on the past 6-12 months and your best guess for the coming 12 months of income. Then we establish your budget on this conservative estimate. No one can eliminate the "Uh-ohs" of money management. We setup our members to experience, "Uh-oh, we have more money than we expected." experiences.