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How the new program works

  1. We harness your income so no funds are lost, misplaced, or misspent.
  2. We identify all of your bills, both monthly and periodic bills and make sure their paid...on time.
  3. We cap your personal spending, keeping you immune from impulse buying.
  4. We review your insurance needs, mortgage situation, help you with your tax returns, and help you plan for your, weddings, investment, and retirement.

Step One: Your 1-3 hour enrollment meeting

Step Two: Accounts are set up with America's Christian Credit Union

Step Three: Bills are verified, vendors contacted as needed

Step Four: Auto-direct deposits are set up

Step Five: The hand-off is executed

Step Six: Account monitoring, support and advise as needed

Step Seven: Annual review of Cash Management Plan

Quarterly Reports are provided

Below you'll see the flow of our new program.

The green section is your income flowing into your new Bill Pay Account (BPA). The pink section is your new BPA from which your monthly and periodic bills are paid. The blue sections are the extra services that are provided by TPS. The orange section is what you'll be responsible for as you take care of you point of service expenses.

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable.
— Seneca

Financial lessons from taking a bath...

Most folks love taking a bath. It's refreshing, it's relaxing. In order to make it so you need two things: hot water and  plugging up the drain (hole). Without these you'll be sitting in a cold empty tub. No fun. 

Now once the tub is full, you turn off the water and enjoy. The same goes for your "financial bathtub." But in this case it's a bit different. You never want to turn of the "inflow." In fact, you want to overflow the tub. But, in order to do this, you need to plug up the holes. Yes, I said holes...plural. In most "financial bathtubs" you have more than one drain. Instead, you usually have a few large holes and many microscopic holes...those you don't see (credit cards, ATM cards, cash, impulse spending, etc.). In order to overflow your "tub" you must plug up all these holes. That's exactly what Turning Point Stewardship does. Our goal is to overflow your tub which then fills the buckets waiting for funds...for your future. The good news, We Do the Work For You!

We take you from where you are
to to where you want to be