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I apologize for crying during our enrollment meeting, but you have no idea now long I've been waiting for this. We've never had money set aside for Christmas, much less vacation. I hate doing the bills and I'm so relieve to delegate this chore over to you. - Betty G.

After reviewing your site, it's reassuring knowing that you've been around for over 30 years. I need to feel safe when it comes to my money. When can we meet? - Jim R. 

My husband is a financial advisor and yet our finances are a mess. Income is not a problem, but managing our money is. He does a fantastic job of helping others manage their money but he struggles finding the time to take care of ours. Money and figures are not my thing either. And then I find you on the radio! What a relief to know we're on the road to moving forward  again. What a blessing Turning Point is! - Jenny

This is a first class operation! - George

My husband works and I'm in charge of our finances. As i get older I can not keep track of anything. I'm 47 and have two growing kids and I'm asking myself, 'Where's our money?' Life gets in the way and the next thing I know I'm late on this bill and the other. I can't stay on top of it all. Having you help us with paying our bills and more importantly, keeping us within our means is a godsend! I'm so relieved that I can't tell you. Thanks you, thank you! - Kay B. 

I'm so glad I found you! I just don't know where all my moneys goes. I make enough. I'm not a drug addict, we don't eat out or go to the movies, and yet we should have more than we do. I really think your program will help me to get some financial peace...finally! Thanks soooo much! - Mary G.

I'm tithing again! PTL. I've felt so guilty for overlooking this and now I'm back...because of you. - Blessings, Jay

I had no idea that you do so much more than pay our bills. It's so encouraging to know you'll walk with us through the many financial decisions we face each year. Help with my mortgage, taxes, insurance, and family members who want to borrow money! I can't tell you how relieved I feel. - Tim

Great meeting with you…thanks for your time!   
I’m so looking forward to be put on a budget and to start aggressively saving and I've been sharing your stewardship program with all my friends…   One couple from church might be reaching out to you today! Take care, - Sonia

I watched your video and everything you're saying in it is exactly us. Being told what to do didn't help. I didn't realize there was a real answer to our doing it for us. I'm so excited and I can't wait to start!- Ben

TPS has been an answer to my prayers! 
As a patient in the Intensive Care Unit needs a great specialist to save his life. Just the same, I need TPS to help save mine. Having hit an all time low in my finances, and struggling to overcome other personal issues, I could not handle my finances any longer, and after much prayer I went in to see TPS. The enrollment process was pretty easy, and of course my Cash Manager was there to answer any questions I had. Towards the end of the appointment I could feel a great sigh of relieve, and peace knowing that I was in good honest hands. I am ever so grateful that my Cash Manager took the time to see me that one day. I'm in a place that is beyond my capabilities, but with all their hard work, I'm sure the TPS team will help me get back together again. Thank you TPS for all your hard work, and thank you God for placing them in my path! :-)  - Anna


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Even though we've been on your program for over two years, my wife still struggles with using her credit cards from time to time. Dr. Robbins, I so appreciate how you gently but firmly helped her get back on track. When I tried, it always turned out badly. Beyond paying our bills and managing our cash, you've been a godsend to our marriage. - RG

I've been a member now for over two years. I ran into another challenge and needed your help. I found a few credit errors in my credit report that I know were not correct. You jumped in and helped me appeal to the credit bureaus. It worked! You guys are awesome. Thanks TPS. I've never been more in control of my finances. - CP

I can't tell you how relieved I feel as I get ready for my missions trip to Japan. While I'm gone I can fully concentrate on my service while you make sure all my bills are paid and I stay on track with my financial goals. God bless you guys! - KM (member for 38 months).

I'm a financial advisor and while I can certainly take care of our finances, it was just creating too much friction in my marriage. I thought a third party could defuse the situation and I was right. TPS is handling my bills and cash they way I had expected but best of all my wife and I are getting along so much better. Thanks TPS! - BA

I was recently divorced and my husband took care of our finances. Now it's up to me and I have no skill or interest. I have other things on my plate as a newly divorced woman. I'm so grateful to TPS for being there during a very emotional time. At least I have peace in one area of my life: my finances. Thank you so so much! - EK

We've just went through our first summer with TPS. It's the first time we didn't stress out because of our spiking utility bills. TPS planned for the increases. This is an amazing program! I only wish I knew of you 10 years ago. - EM

I just wanted to say, that this last year has been very difficult for me, having to make so many changes and cut backs. But I know they are necessary. I just wanted to say, thank you for being so patient with me, and helping me through the process…I know that Turning Point has helped to make it all possible, and I know it will all be worth it when I am eventually free of these debts that have been looming over my shoulders. I know I still have a ways to go, but if you all continue to be as wonderful and patient with me, I know I will make it thru this time….GN

While we had good intentions, we just weren't paying our bills on time consistently. We also never really knew where we stood with our finances at any given time. While the seminars we had taken helped, we still fell short on implementation. That all changed when we joined Turning Point Stewardship. What a godsend you are! - JM

Wow! That is absolutely amazing!  Wish we started this program years ago!  Thank you Jesus & Holy Spirit for your guidance & for TPS. - LN

Dear Peter and Chong,

Thank you!!! All I have is love love love in my heart for you. I don't know what my life would be like ifyou and Turning Point Stewardship were not in it!!! God is good. 
Bless you, Kimberly

Wonderful Wonderful! Its rather difficult for me to explain how the past 3-4 months have been in terms of minimized stress. A sense of "making head way" toward our financial goals.

In fact having delegated this part of our financial lives over to Turning Point has greatly reduced clashes between my wife and me about where money must go. I really can't say enough of how great it is to not feel like were constantly bleeding out money from late fees, NSF's or anything of the sort.

Chong & Dr. Robbins have been extremely patient and very helpful knowing that even though we are now enrolled in the program we are still struggling with old habits. And of course they are committed like we are to work thru those old habits and stay on course for a bright financial future. - H.O., current member

Thanks for your support, I could have never have come this far if it wasn't for your services. I thank God for you all the time, as you can see, I am unable to cope with the finances anymore. I think that all of the pressure from all the years my mind is shot. But even though things aren't as I would like, they are 95% better in my eyes....and I am able, through the teaching, support, and encouragement of you guys, to see where it all went wrong. I'm excited cause the major things are almost over...thank you ~ Ronda, member since Sept 2009

I have been a member of the Turning Point Financial program since April 2012 and I must say this was the best decision I have ever made. My stress over money and financial decisions have been decreased significantly. I have complete control over my finances; however I have the professional insight from Dr. Robbins and his amazing staff! I haven't missed a payment, nor have I been late. I'm growing my emergency fund which in the past I felt I could never have enough money to do. If you want financial freedom and do not want to continue living check to check, I suggest giving this program a try.  - Sincerely, Catarah

I have to admit that at first I wasn't sure if I wanted someone managing our money, since it included TPS knowing all of our "dirty little financial secrets." However, once we sat down with Dr. Robbins, and laid everything out on the table, my husband and I felt a HUGE sense of relief knowing that with the assistance of TPS we would be good stewards of what God has given us. It's good to know that there will be money for Christmas, vacations, gifts and car repairs, for example, available for us when we need it. Now, we are really looking forward to getting control of our money. - LN

Hi Peter,
I wanted to extend my gratitude to you for meeting with my wife and I. It was such an awesome meeting, though we don't start the process until September, I feel such a weight and burden lifted. I need you to know that we will work very hard to meet the standards of the program by means of meeting and sticking to the budget every month as well as being in communication throughout this process. God bless you for this service you're offering to us and the christian community at large. In fact I told my wife that day that I hadn't felt so good and optimistic in such a long time about our finances. - H.O.

Hi Chong,
Every time I get an email from you, I want to cry from happiness (I really mean that). And I thank God for placing you in my life. I can’t tell you or find the words to express my gratitude for your services. 
 “…His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is Thy faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22, 23 - Gaby

I'm looking forward to meeting you and being able to breath again:), Blessings - Rhonda

I applied on your application site, my husband and I just went through the Financial Peace Universityclass at our church, but still need help! I was told about your site from a friend at church! My husband and I have watched the video together and decided that your program is for us. I am in the process of getting 1-10 together for our appointment. Best - M & G