We close the gap between your income and expenses

Help you live within your means

We keep you on track

We help reduce and/or eliminate your debt

Help grow your net worth

We do the work for you

Since 2009, we have led the effort to bring what the rich and famous have enjoyed for many years to the average individual, couple, and family: wise and effective financial stewardship. We have been at the forefront implementing, on behalf of our clients, what Dave Ramsey, Suzi Orman, and others have been teaching in their seminars and radio programs.

We do the work for you.


Budget Coaching: one plus hours of personal budget coaching where we create your personal Cash Management Plan (CMP). You will then implement and maintain your plan on your own.

Financial Freedom Program: Here we not only create your Cash Management Plan and eliminate your debt, but will also pay all your monthly bills for you, set money aside for every-so-often bills, plan for future financial events such as college, weddings, next vehicle, retirement, etc. We also become your personal advisor for the many financial decisions that come along: Should I lend money to a relative? Should we buy or rent? Lease or own? Should we have a Trust? You will know where your money is going. The arguments over money will be greatly minimized, and you'll experience financial peace.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you experience sound financial stewardship by first creating a very simple yet comprehensive Cash Management Plan (budget) and maintaining it each month. We then begin paying your monthly bills, creating savings accounts for save-to-pay bill that come throughout the year. We also create our G-O-O-D Plan (Get Out of Debt plan) and thus eliminate personal debt. In addition, we provide a healthy level of accountability making sure you stay on track with your plan. Finally, we provide wise counsel as needed for the various financial decisions that present themselves.

The master of the garden is the one who waters it, trims the branches,
plants the seeds, and pulls the weeds. If you merely stroll through the garden,
you are but an acolyte.
— Vera Nazarian

What We've Achieved for our members:

  • We've eliminated debt
  • We've avoided late fees
  • We've paid bills consistently, without fail, and on time.
  • We've saved money to pay every-so-often bills such as property taxes, DMV fees, Christmas, vacation, etc.
  • We've created an emergency fund - $2000 minimum.
  • We've ended many arguments over money. 
  • We've stopped financial infidelity.
  • We've ended harassing phone calls from creditors.
  • We've answered the question: Where is all our money going?
  • We've reached financial goals like: weddings, college, next automobile, and retirement.

We are so confident that you will simply love this program that we're offering a 60-Day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Give our program a try for 60 days and if you feel that it isn't doing for you what you hoped for then we'll give you a refund of any and all monthly membership fees paid by you (initial setup fee excluded). No hassles, no questions. We are confident that you'll be thrilled with our program.