What you'll need to bring to your 2+ hours enrollment meeting...

The following is a list of what you'll need to bring to your enrollment meeting. Under our Members section of this website, you'll find a sub-page entitled Forms. Once you receive your password to this section, you can download all the forms needed to complete and bring to your meeting.


  1. Clear and readable copies of your driver’s license (for each)
  2. Social Security numbers for each of you and your children and/or beneficiaries.

  3. Information about ALL your income: net monthly, how, where and when it is deposited and copies of your three most recent paycheck stubs of each of you.
  4. Clear copies of ALL your monthly bills and every-so-often bills (DMV, property tax, auto insurance, homeowners/renters insurance, life insurance, etc.)
  5. Log in information for any online accounts: username, password, PIN numbers (SCE, The Gas Company, Verizon, Sprint, Etc.)
  6. This is very important: Obtain from your employer their direct deposit form or information from your employer on how to make this change and bring this to the initial meeting. This will allow us to help you make this very important change during our meeting. This is how your paycheck goes from your employer to your bank accounts. Do this for each of you.
  7. Information about all your vehicles (year, make, model, license number, VIN number, current miles, any money owed, to whom, how much, monthly payment). See this linkto complete form.
  8. Your current debt: to whom, current balance, monthly payment, interest rate.
  9. Information abour employer(s): address, phone, years on the job

  10. Check or credit card to TPS for $200* Financial Assessment fee (non-refundable). This pays for your first two-three hours of face-to-face meeting. If more time is needed to complete the face-to-face meeting, there will be an additional charge of $90 per half hour utilized. Please have as much information completed with the attached documents to avoid these additional fees. Make check out to TPS. (*fee may vary due to complexity of your financial situation)
  11. Check for $80 to ACCU (America’s Christian Credit Union) for setting up your two new Spend Accounts accounts ($35 each) and two membership fees ($5 each). If you're single then you'll only need to make a check out for $40Make check out to ACCU. You only pay this fee if you qualify for our program.